Introduction to Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

CS6038 Malware Analysis -- Meets every Tue/Thu in SWIFT Hall Room 519 @ 6:00PM-7:20PM

This class will introduce the CS students to malware concepts, malware analysis, and black-box reverse engineering techniques. The target audience is focused on computer science undergraduate and graduate students without prior cyber security or malware experience. It is intended to introduce the students to types of malware, common attack recipes, some tools, and a wide array of malware analysis techniques.

In general, if you have taken the following courses, you should have a good foundation for the class:

Course syllabus

Lectures / Notes


Date Assigned Date Due Assignment
1-24-2019 2-07-2019 Homework 1
2-05-2019 2-19-2019 Homework 2
2-14-2019 2-28-2019 Homework 3
2-28-2019 3-14-2019 Homework 4
3-28-2019 4-18-2019 Homework 5
4-04-2019 4-18-2019 Bonus Homework 6


Date Assigned Date Due Assignment
4-11-2019 23:59:59 EST 4-28-2019 23:59:59 EST Final Exam
External Resources for Malware and IR